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Drinking From the Toilet: Real dogs, Real training

Aug 29, 2017

Am I the only one who has a deep love affair going on with whiteboards? If you can't relate to this obsession of mine- you might want to tune out. If whiteboards get you going, too, then by all means - tune in! For complete show notes, visit:

Aug 8, 2017

This week through the magic of the internet, I got to talk with Swedish dog trainer, Fanny Gott and we discussed a rather hot topic in dog training circles - No Reward Marker. For the full show notes, visit:

Aug 2, 2017

This week I want to pick up where we left off last week talking about splitting, because one one of the things that helps me a lot when I think about how to split behavior and develop my training plan, is to consider the behavior in terms of a movement cycle. But in order for that to be helpful for you, you have to...